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Camera Work’s identity is exclusively artistic focused on Creative Photography. The Agency aspires to a wider culture for photographers by contributing to their personal creative progress in order to expand and serve the Art of Photography. Through this creative common course, we attempt a wider dispersion of our photographic work, aiming to influence more and more people with our photographic language.
The curating of the photographic work of each member is carried out by Panagiotis Gouliaris always in cooperation with the photographer.
Our website is the sharing platform in which photographers coexist in artistic terms and represents the Team constantly all around the globe. Therefore, the unremitting curating of the published portfolios is crucial as they compose in a dynamic way the artistic displacement of the Team. As a consequence, we believe that our webpage must undergo multiple improvements as far as both aesthetics and function are concerned. 
A 12 month subscription is considered necessary for both practical and typical reasons. In particularly, the reasons for a subscription are:
1.The Website Developing, Design and constant update, as well as the promotion of the work of all members through the social media that we provide
2.We are interested in photographers who appreciate and understand Camera Work’s identity and purposes and through the cost of subscription we intent to avoid having people who just want to see their pictures on one more website
3.The photographer proves in practice that appreciates the point of view and corroborates the work of the Team by his subscription.
The subscription is paid by PayPal.
Please let us know if you agree with these terms and if you would like to be part of our Team.
Thank you in advance for your collaboration.
Best Regards,
Camera Work Team
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